My First Blog..

Once upon a time.. there was a little blog..
Hello little blog! Don’t worry.. he’s just a little shy.. I’m sure if we give him a cookie he’ll come out….

There we go!
Well hello, this is my blog =] By my, I mean me. And by me, I mean Hannah-lyz

*curtseys* , nice to meet you.

Now, i’ve never written a blog before.. and i’m not quite sure what i’m going to do with this..  But everyone seems to have a blog nowadays (even my mum.. albiet.. she doesn’t actually use it.. but it exists!) So it seemed liked a good idea. As most mistakes often seem before we see sense… ahem.

So, this is going to be my little place to natter, and post random bits and bobs that make me laugh, smile, confused, or just general tidbits of info about me and my life that you probably don’t want to know, but i’m going to tell you anyway.

Such as, for example, how to make super-scrummy vegan chocolate chip cookies, like the one I tempted lil bloggy with earlier!

Or perhaps, how to take unsuspecting pieces of fabric and turn them into a cuddly, if slightly deranged, house-hold chum?

Or if you’re lucky.. how to take a piece of tin foil, some marzipan, some coathangers and a duvet, and construct a device which will allow you to contact martians and trap a rainbow in a jar? … okay.. so maybe not the last one. But that’s the jist of what i’m aiming to spout in this unsuspecting place!

It will be eclectic, but hey, eclectic’s my middle name! (well, my middle name starts with “e”, so it’s close!)
Well.. this first post has turned into a bit of a ramble, so i shall toddle off and return with more posts of randomness tomorrow! ..though hopefully.. it will be a post which makes slightly more sense than this one..
First posts are always so strange.

And just so you aren’t too lonely in my absence.. here, have some more cookies…

it's okay, you can droolYes, they are all vegan ^-^



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One Response to My First Blog..

  1. mummy rees says:

    i thought you’d stopped catching rainbows.. let them go.. or feed them some cookies before they’re on their merry way xx
    .. you’re a mad poodle xxx

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