The tomorrow that never came…

Hello again! Well then.. at least we all know that I’m in no way psychic. My prediction last March that I’d write another post tomorrow fell slightly flat.
..Though perhaps I’d simply seen a bit further into the future than expected?
Or perhaps I’m just forgetful

..I can be a little bird-brained sometimes

Now, time to stop distracting you all from the fact I’ve been M.I.A for nearly a year, and time to get down to business.


The lovely ladies (and gents) who follow me and Mrs. Daisymoon on facebook have expressed their love of crafty tutorials, so I’ve decided to pick up my camera, and give it a go.

Now, I’ve never done one of these before, so please bare with me.
My next post will be a little tutorial on painting in “Camouflage” style!

..Teeny sneak peek..

Now, I’m by no means an expert! But if I can help at least one person be slightly less confused. Well that’s good enough for me =)

So watch this space ♥ Ideas In The Sky’s first turotial…

..or if you don't want to watch this space.. watch this rainbow instead.

Coming soon to a screen near you…

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